39 images

As many other wedding photographers around the world, for the past few days I have been sucked into the most addictive online event ever. It is my first time entering. 21 categories. 40 Images could be entered….I picked 39.

The shoot and share 2015 contest…if you do not know what I am talking about, just click HERE. This may be the largest photography contest in the world, with more than 111,000 images submitted 2015!

You can still vote, just for fun, for the best of the best. The main contest is now closed and winners will be announced in the course of the next few days and weeks, I believe. The current voting is for the race to the top 100 of each 21 categories.

Voting has been amazing. I have other wedding photographer friends competing and every time I see and vote for their images, is as exciting as seeing my own.

If I may I would love to share a few things I have learn about my own work and a few things I would love to accomplish for this year.

-Real moments. Images have to make sense…I will triple my efforts to capture more of it. I believe this is what it matters, the joy, the tears , the laughs…I thought I capture that very well. But after seeing so many amazing images I need to kick it up a notch and get in closer. MUCH CLOSER!! and also FAR! I realize how much I absolutely adore wide, epic shots and I will take more of those during 2015.

-Less is more.

-Decor, yes I heart it. It will be a dream to photograph a wedding where the reception is in a forested area, underneath hundred of tea lights. It just looks so amazing!!

If you are a photographer or a wedding photographer like me, and think you got this …I will advice you to just sit down and vote for a while. It is quiet the revelation.

I was absolutely delighted few days ago to know that I have been voted into the final round with some of my images, it was so exciting!!! I never even dreamed nor imagine to be in the final 6% of 111.000???Just crazy, isn’t it??…

I can finally share with you all my 39 images that I entered in the competition.

I would love to hear your comments. Share with me which ones if any are your favourites and why. Thank You.




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