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Spring and summer time is one of my favorite seasons even more so after our long winter days here in Alberta. I love shooting downtown and Louise Mckinney Park is one of my to go places for engagement session.

About the happy couple

Claire and Matt met exactly three years ago, on June 15, 2013 at a mutual friend’s wedding. Matt was in the wedding party, and Claire was invited as a childhood friend of the bride. He was emcee at the wedding, so she had noticed him early in the night, but it was on the dance floor that they really connected. Both love to dance the night away and enjoy a good party – they connected right away, it was almost like love at first sight as Claire confess with giggles. After sharing a fun night together they just couldn’t get out of each other’s heads – and they needed to hang out again soon. Claire and Matt first date was on the following Tuesday. No games, no waiting, just a first date three days after meeting. He made ice cream sundaes, they watched some basketball and played a board game. After that, they just kept hanging out. It seemed natural, and one thing led to the next and they became “official”.

I am very excited about Claire and Matt’s Edmonton Wedding, ok wait their wedding will also be a Camrose Wedding, yes these two are starting in the city and we will head over Matt’s family farm to continue the celebration with family and friends in this special place where Matt proposed, I can’t wait!!!

How he popped the question…

Claire knew they were going to get married, and that a proposal was somewhere in the future, but when the actual day came to be, she had no idea and it was a complete surprise.

Matt was out at the farm helping during harvest Claire was coming out Saturday morning for a visit with some family friends. At her arrival, Matt greeted her but he needed to get back farm work – nothing too out of the ordinary. Claire started help his mom make a cake (the decoy). After a while the phone rang and it was Matt. She could hear Matt’s mom speaking to him on the phone, saying something like, “yep, one of us will come pick you up. Yep, does she know where that approach is?” And Claire was nodding yes, thinking she would be happy to go pick him up (it’s common to drop off machines in the field and need a ride back, so again, she didn’t suspect anything). Meanwhile, Claire’s family was on route to the farm. They had planned prior to the season that her parents, brother and sister would come check out the farm during harvest and stay for dinner.

Claire hopped on a quad and started driving towards Matt. When she turned into the approach saw him right away and thought to herself, why is he standing there looking so funny, and what is he doing in that bright white shirt out here!??  Something was off, but she didn’t suspect it yet… until she drove up a little closer and saw down the laneway, and then she knew. She was in the clouds. He had set up a table with a white cloth, and red rose petals to line the path.  I could hardly believe what was about to happen – the adrenaline was intense. She started tearing up right away. Matt grabbed her hand and started walking her down through the lane of fall trees to the spot he had set up. It was all very romantic. After some very special, loving words Matt asked Claire to marry him.

The surprise wasn’t over yet, Matt said someone else very special was there to join them. And out from the trees jumped Catherine, Claire’s best friend – who was the paparazzi. They popped champagne to celebrate and then Cat left them alone to soak it all in. When they drove back to the house on the quad together were greeted by both of their families and had a great engagement party at the farm that night. It was an afternoon/evening they will never forget.

I have ask Claire and Matt to tell me eing surrounded by all the people they love most! And dancing the night away.

Try to enjoy your engagement. The wedding planning can be overwhelming at times, but just take a break every once in a while and remind yourself what it’s all about. You love each other and this is supposed to be fun!


Engagement Session in Edmonton

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