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Weddings Tips and Tricks for better photos

In the midst of all the details that go into wedding planning sometimes we forget some important tips and tricks from a photographers perspective that can really enhance the overall experience of your day as well as your photographs.  I have decided to put together a series that gives all my tips and tricks for every part of your special day.  In this first edition of the series, we are going to cover my top 10 tips when it comes to getting ready on your wedding day!



  1. A cute idea that I just absolutely love is having the bride and groom write love letters to each other prior to their big day and then they get to open them on the morning of the wedding.  This makes for some stunning photos and creates some very special moments in the last few hours before you say “I Do”.



2. If you have a set of pre-written hand-lettered vows or cute vow booklets, write your vows into these books during your getting ready time.  Along with the reading of the love letters, this can make for some very special photographs.


3. It is very advantageous to get ready in a large beautiful room with as much natural light as possible through large windows and to make sure there is no clutter around.  There is really nothing worse than having distracting elements in your photos when they could easily be moved to another room.  Make sure the room that you will be getting ready in is clean.


4. If you are having your hair and makeup done, it is best for photos (and for the hair and makeup artist too) to have you a few meters away from the rest and FACING a window with beautiful natural light pouring in.


5. Wear Waterproof Mascara!

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6. If you want a very traditional photo of all dresses, it is great to have all the bridesmaids dresses hanging up together in a window and all of their shoes already lined up and ready for this.


7. Have your maid of honour put all of your details together in one place – this includes your necklace, bracelet, shoes, earrings and love letter (from your groom) It is also a great idea to have an invitation at your getting ready location is a great detail for us to capture as well.  It always looks great paired with the ring or other jewellery.


8. Have your mom and the bridesmaids in their dresses before putting on your gown.  For photos, this always looks better than rockin’ the PJ’s 🙂

9.  Please try and save a bit of time after you’ve got the wedding dress on to take some bridal portraits.  These would take place once hair and makeup are absolutely perfect and usually only takes about 5 – 10 minutes.


10.  Make sure when planning your flowers and specifically you’re bouquet to make sure that they will last all day.  We will be using them for photos from the getting ready time through until the end.  Take into consideration if they will be in the heat, how fast they may wilt etc.  It is handy to have a spray bottle with water around so you can freshen them up if needed.


I hope you found these tips helpful when it comes to planning out this portion of the day.  Some special moments can happen during the getting ready portion of the timeline so we want to make sure you don’t forget any details.

Stay tuned for the next post in the series – Ceremony Tips!

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