What is a boudoir session?Edmonton Boudoir Photographer Barbara Rahal

The meaning of the word boudoir, which is pronounced ˈbo͞oˌdwär. It is simply a woman’s dressing room, bedroom or private room. 

Boudoir Photography has been getting more popular over the last couple of years as you may have seen already all over social media platforms. Nevertheless, I still get asked, what is boudoir and what is like to have a boudoir session. To put it in a simple way, a boudoir session is to have your photograph taken in an intimate way and setting, most likely a bedroom looking like setting, but, to be honest, I think it is more than that, I am going to show you here a different setting, this is still considered boudoir or intimate portrait as I like to call it.

Intimate portraits are much more than just photographs. It is an art form in many ways. And it is for sure an experience.

Let’s break the myth, you do not have to be wearing lingerie, you can if you want to, but the idea behind intimate portraits, it is to create a sensual set of images, images that represent self-love. We all have days when we feel so on point and beautiful and days when we feel like a train run over us, we want to stay home and we do no want to see anyone because we don’t look nor feel as great as we should, right?…well those uglier days, if I may label them, is when we have to remember to treat our selves with love and kindness. We have to celebrate who we are, as we are, accept our flaws and accept to own our individuality, never apologize for who you are and celebrate yourself, no better time than today and every day.

This is the beautiful Kristen, I hope you enjoy looking through the set of images. The amazing Tiiu was behind her natural look, yes Kristen is wearing makeup, which is another myth we should talk about, believe me, It helps enhance your natural beauty!



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Most of my clients prefer not to share their Edmonton Boudoir Images and that is ok, all my boudoir sessions can remain completely private, I am always creating style sessions for people to get inspired and to showcase current work. It is so much fun, I hope you enjoy perusing through the blog

Valentine’s day Edmonton Boudoir Session Viktoria

A sensual bridal boudoir with Luliia


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