2017 | A Year In Review – Part One

2017, Thank you.

It’s has been very difficult to try and condense an entire year of memories and images into one blog post but I decided to do a year in review series. I’ve had so many amazing moments with clients and friends, so many new opportunities and experiences this past year, which is why it left me no choice but to split this into two posts, so without further ado here is part one! ( there are a few favourite images from 2016 in the mix…as I did not do a year in review ever before and I absolutely love them I felt they needed to go in here)

2017 was an incredibly rewarding year. I have been looking back through all my client galleries and my calendar to check all the different places  I have been and the dates I was gone. While doing all this, I noticed that I was going away somewhere every 2nd or 3rd week! That’s pretty crazy when you see that on one calendar, I knew I had travel a lot but it blew my mind to realize how much and how often it really was. One of my biggest goals in life is to keep on travelling for photography assignments, and wow last year was seriously a dream when it comes to travel.

Let me quickly take you through the year. January I was in the Caribbean, February in beautiful Banff, end of March /April I was in Sri Lanka…pinch me……that was already freaking amazing, then in May and June I was in Europe, July I visited Honolulu and Maui, Hawaii, August a short trip to Nova Scotia and a few escapes to Drumheller and the Badlands.  September brought me to spend a few days in Calgary, October I was in Jasper and Vancouver where I did a small presentation at ARC, a conference I absolutely love, among artists I admire so so much.  What a dream come true!  That was a big-time goal achieved and I hope to get to do it again sometime!

November brought me back again to the mountains in Canmore, where I was able to attend REAL LIFE, a life-changing experience let me tell you, if you are a female photographer and entrepreneur, you should check it out. And right before that, I closed the Canadian wedding season in Emerald Lake…..oh how I love the mountains, there’s just something so magical about them.  To close the International wedding season and the year of travels I spend a week in Mexico in December. There is so much more to show and blog about but I hope some of these links above and the images below, transport you somehow to those incredible places and give you a sense of how incredible 2017 was for me.

I am beyond thankful to all my clients and everyone who trusted me and allowed me to do what I do, to create and become a better person and a better artist.

As you can imagine and if you know me well you know that it has been really hard to narrow down images for a post like this…so many incredible places, so many wonderful clients…so many crazy creative ideas….2017 you were unbelievable…..now here’s to another year full of adventure!