Fairmont Banff Springs Wedding | Lindsay + Tommy

Canadian Winter Wonderland Wedding



Tommy had just started an internship at a sports chiropractic clinic in the summer of 2012 when he and Lindsay first met. She was being treated for a few aches and pains that had built up over the years from playing competitive tennis shortly before her big move to Florida later that summer in pursuit of playing professionally. They had a few casual conversations in passing throughout the few months she was being seen at that clinic and before Tommy knew it, she was gone. Little did she know that she had quite the admirer in Tommy by the time she left. He checked up on her a few times while she was in Florida, hoping to keep the communication open until she returned if she returned. Fast forward to the spring of 2013 when Tommy was hosting a few of his hometown buddies in Minneapolis for the weekend when to his surprise, he saw on Facebook that Lindsay was moving back that night and was planning to meet her friends out on the town. He knew this was his opportunity to reconnect with her! With the help of a little liquid courage, he sent her a text asking if she wanted to meet for a drink. As soon as he got the green light, he wrangled up his buddies and took off towards the bar she was at. The encounter was short, but it was everything Tommy had hoped it would be considering they really didn’t know each other that well. They smiled, they talked, they laughed, and they hugged goodbye. As soon as they made it outside that bar, Tommy turned to his buddy Brookes and told him that if he ever had a chance to date her, he wouldn’t hold anything back. About a month later, Tommy was back in his hometown for the Easter holiday. He was hanging out with one of his best friends when he noticed a message from her come through on Facebook. They went back and forth for a few hours, covering a wide variety of topics as one might expect when two people are attempting to get to know each other. By the end, they had plans to meet for dinner once Tommy was back in Minneapolis and as people say, the rest was history!

A message from the Groom:

On a side note – Only minutes before our wedding ceremony on March 11th, 2017 and after almost five years of endless debate, Lindsay gave me a framed printout of that memorable Facebook conversation, proving once and for all that SHE was the one who initiated our first date! I’m so incredibly lucky she wrote me that night because it changed my life forever. Thanks to her, I’ll never have to wonder what it feels like to love and be loved!


The idea of ‘popping the question’ came to Tommy one day in August of 2015 during a conversation with his coworker, Jon, after a long day of treating patients. He began searching for ring ideas online and within a few weeks, the idea became a reality. Tommy snuck out of work early one day to meet with a local ring designer and within an hour, the drawings for a simple, yet elegant ring incorporating Lindsay’s love for sunsets was on its way to be made in Los Angeles.

The couple had plans to spend Thanksgiving at Lindsay’s parent’s home in La Quinta, CA.  It was decided the night before Thanksgiving that Lindsay and Tommy would venture out on a hike the next morning for some exercise prior to the holiday festivities. Tommy had planned ahead to have all of their parents go ahead on the hiking trail to be ready with cameras to greet them and capture the special moment.  It was a perfect day, 80 degrees and not a cloud in sight. When they arrived at the parking lot for the Art Smith trail, Tommy quietly slid the ring into his pocket and they were off. Hiking in single file, Lindsay had no idea that only feet behind her, Tommy was occasionally examining the ring in plain sight to make sure it still had that sparkle he had seen in the store.  Being his first time on this trail, Tommy was unaware of where the parents were hiding. As they approached a flat area, out walked the five parents, greeting them with exuberant smiles and devious hellos. In a nervous daze, Tommy immediately dropped to one knee, readying himself to ask the biggest question of his life. Puzzled at why her parents came marching from out from behind this rock, Lindsay had forced out a curious ‘hello’ before Tommy’s voice caught her attention from behind. She turned around to see him on one knee, arms extended with a shiny little ring in hand. As the video shows, it took Lindsay a few seconds to comprehend what was happening. Instinctively, she covered her mouth with her hands as she slowly started walking towards Tommy. Battling a rush of nerves and adrenaline, he managed to force out a few words, “Will you make me the happiest man on this Earth and marry me?” With a look of shock on her face, beautiful Palm Springs in the background, in front of their closest family and friends, Lindsay said “Yes”!


For Lindsay and Tommy, Banff represents the beginning of their relationship and the growing love they have for another.  It was the destination of their first vacation together and a place they have frequented many times since.  Whether it was hiking the trails around Lake O’Hara, paddling through the rapids of the Bow River, or skiing down the slopes of Sunshine Village, Banff has provided them with adventure and excitement many times over.  Being from Los Angeles this was a big decision to have a destination wedding but they knew that this charming little ski town was the perfect setting for their special day.

Banff WeddingGroom writing his vows at the Fairmont Banff SpringFairmont Banff Wedding Bride getting ready Banff Wedding Bride and her grandma at the fairmont Banff springs bridal-party-drinking-mimosas- Fairmont Banff Spring Bride admiring her dress fairmont Banff Spring WeddingBride and dad emotional first look, Banff Wedding canadian-flag-waving-atop-banff-springs-hotel-rockies-in-backgroundFairmont Banff Wedding First Look Fairmont Banff Wedding Bride and Groom exciting First LookFairmont Banff Wedding Bride and groom emotional First Look Fairmont Banff Wedding Bride and groom emotional First Look Fairmont Banff Wedding Photographer Fairmont Banff Wedding Photographer Mount Stephen Hall Wedding Ceremony Banff SpringsBride and Groom during their wedding ceremony at Mount Stephen Hall in Banff Springs Mount Stephen Hall Wedding Ceremony Banff Springs bride and groom walk down the isle to falling roses in Banff Fairmont Banff Wedding couple-standing-in-front-of-banff-springs-hotel-winterWinter Wedding at the Fairmont Banff Spring couple kissing in the snow Banff Wedding Photographer Banff Wedding Photographer Banff Wedding Photographer Banff Wedding Photographer Banff Wedding Photographer Banff Wedding PhotographerBanff Wedding PhotographerBanff Wedding Photographer First dance




Photography: Barbara Rahal Photography | Wedding Planner: Ashley Pachkovsky | Venue & Caterer: Fairmont Banff Springs | Wedding Dress Designer: Allure purchased at Posh Bridal Boutique | Grooms Attire: Nordstrom | Hair Stylist & Makeup Artist: Mountain Beauties  | Videographer: Jordan Craig | Live Band: Paul Woida | DJ: Patrick Smiley with Class Act DJ