Creative Day for the Soul


There comes a time every year when I feel like I have to hit pause and get out to explore my creative side again.  I find that when I’ve spent too many hours behind a computer screen, travelling and shooting non-stop I need a way to reinvigorate my inspiration and motivation behind what I love.  I have typically held creative days for myself in the past to shake things up, and challenge myself.  I would go out and just shoot without worrying about how the images turned out, no pressure, no expectations just an exercise in creativity.  This year I felt like I wanted to extend the invitation to other creatives near me and so I decided to hold a Creative Day for the Soul with some of my talented friends.  We had my friend Tiiu Andreas in for makeup artistry, and Stephanie Herwynen for hair along and six other photographers joined us on this adventure.  I knew we would need a model and it was a sign from heaven when a friend of mine saw my model call and introduced us to Joana.

Joana had recently moved to Edmonton from Munich Germany and was looking to get more involved in the modelling scene here, so what a perfect opportunity to help her expand her portfolio, while at the same time allowing us to create.  Her talent and love for modelling, creative dance and theatre was such a great addition to this day.  To put the finishing touches on this incredible day, I knew I wanted to break from shooting and be able to incorporate something where we could work with our hands and get crafty! So I called upon my friend Treena with Salvage Bronze to help us make our own Himelis under her guidance.  They all turned out great and added such a fun element to the day.


The seven of us had such an amazing day creating, laughing, exploring and it was just so much fun.  I learn a few key things and I now have a lot more people interested in these days.  My plan is to try and hold one each month or every second month for small groups! Let me know if this is something you would be interested in attending in the future! Normally I like to keep the images from these special days to myself, however, being my first creative shared day, not only the images but the whole thing was too beautiful not to share with all of you.


black-and-white-image-model-bare-back-hair-up model-sitting-on-floor-cross-legged-looking-up model-eye-looking-through-hands-black-and-white-photo model-facing-back-stretching-to-the-side

Model: Joana Verbeek von Loewis